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What is CS Articleship

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The path to becoming a Company Secretary (CS) in India includes an important stage called as CS Articleship. This practical training program is an important part of the CS course curriculum, giving students hands-on experience under the guidance of a professional Company Secretary or within a corporate setting.

When Does CS Articleship Begin?

The start date of a CS Articleship varies depending on the course level:

  • Students can apply for CS Articleship after finishing the first module of the Executive program.

  • After clearing both modules of the Executive program and the first module of the Professional program, you can register for the Professional program.

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), the governing organization for CS courses, accepts applications for CS Articleship. To be qualified for CS certification, it is important to follow ICSI regulations and complete the Articleship within the timeframe specified.

Duration of CS Articleship:

The duration of the CS Articleship depends on the course level:

  • Executive program: Three years of practical training known as CS Executive Articleship.

  • Professional program: Two years of training referred to as CS Professional Articleship.

Subject to specific conditions, ICSI provides a reduction of up to six months for Executive students and up to three months for Professional students.

New Training Structure Details:

  • 15 days Online Mode

  • 15 days Classroom Mode

  • Subsequent to this training, a 21-month practical training period follows.

  • After completing the practical training, students undergo the Corporate Leadership Development Programme (CLDP), lasting between 30-60 days.

Executive Development Programme (EDP):

  • For a total of 30 days, classes took place both in the classroom and online.

  • Students can opt for both modes simultaneously.

  • Registration is done through the ICSI e-learning portal for a charge of Rs. 2000/-.

  • Exemptions are available, for instance, completing 15 days of Academic Programme under the old structure.

CS Practical Training:

  • Starts one month after the completion of the EDP.

  • A 21-month internship program beginning on February 3, 2021.

  • Students can choose between the old and new training structures.

  • Guidelines allow a total of 52 leaves during the 21 months of training.

Corporate Leadership Development Programme (CLDP):

  • Conducted after passing the Professional Program, completing practical training, and one month of EDP.

  • Lasting between 30-60 days, with duration subject to alteration by the Institute.

Finally, CS Articleship is an important phase for aspiring Company Secretaries, as it provides them with practical insights and skills necessary for a successful corporate career. ICSI's structured training programs provide students pursuing excellence in the field of Company Secretaryship with a comprehensive learning experience.


1. When can I start my CS Articleship, and what are the prerequisites for registration?

After successfully completing the first module of the Executive program, CS Articleship can be started. Ensure that you have completed the required modules and submitted your application, along with all required documents and fees, in accordance with the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) guidelines.

2. Can I choose between the old and new training structures for CS Practical Training?

Yes, you have the choice of continuing your training under the old structure or moving to the new CS (Amendment) Regulations, 2020. It is best to make an informed decision based on your preferences and the ICSI guidelines.

3. Are there any exemptions available for the Executive Development Programme (EDP)?

Yes, EDP exemptions are possible. For example, if you completed 15 days of Academic Programme under the previous structure, you may be exempt from the 15 days classroom EDP requirements. To figure out your eligibility, review the specific exemption criteria.

4. How many leaves am I allowed during the 21-month CS Practical Training period?

During the 21 months of practical training, the new training structure allows for a total of 52 leaves. To ensure a comprehensive learning experience, it is critical to manage leaves wisely and in accordance with the guidelines.

5. What is the duration of the Corporate Leadership Development Programme (CLDP), and when does it occur in the CS course timeline?

CLDP takes place following successful completion of the Professional Program, practical training, and one month of EDP. CLDP typically lasts 30-60 days, but it is important to note that the Institute may change the duration before applying for ACS membership.

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