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Going beyond the usual to make our 
mutual goal happen!

We not only aim to provide the best resources but also to be the emotional support system of each of our student.


Our sights are set on — to be known for our diligence and dedication of delivering on our promises!

How was iProledge born?

  • To understand someone else's struggle, what is the best possible thing a person can do? The answer is — imagine! Yes, at best, the person can just imagine and try to understand the depth of the struggle until that person has been on the same page!

  • iProledge is not just born out of imagination and probabilities but of first-hand experience of all mental and physical struggles that an aspirant goes through.

  • iProledge is born out of the first-hand experience of our founder Naveen J. 

CFA online coaching

And the struggle he faced because of lack of the right direction, that gave birth to a desire — iProledge. A desire to start something through which an aspirant can get holistic guidance and doesn't have to undergo a struggle similar to his. Because who can understand the importance of the right direction better than someone who has lost a considerable amount of time just because of it?

Everything happens for a reason, so all his struggles also happened for a reason — iProledge. The ideation started in 2019. Naveen started to ideate how to execute his visions in 2019 and continued to work on his ideas. 

At the beginning of 2021, he reached out to Jeyasimman A, with whom he shares similar visions. As soon as Jeyasimman heard the whole concept and vision, his heart and mind screamed in sync with a giant YES. The main reason for his eagerness was his own struggle for not having anyone to guide him while making career choices and especially, while executing. He knows how clueless and hopeless the journey can get and how much holistic guidance is needed in order to succeed. With strong desire and determination, he joined the iProledge team, to be the help which he once looked for!

After taking 2 complete years of perfecting every aspect to present the perfect practice of imparting knowledge, iProledge was finally established by Naveen J and Jayasimman A in January 2021. 

Our precise direction, combined with your unshakeable dedication, can undoubtedly make us achieve our dreams — your dream is to crack your desired International Professional exam, and our dream is to make that happen.

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