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Registration Opened!

Registration Opened!

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FRM stands for Financial Risk Manager. The Global Association of Risk Professionals awards the Financial Risk Management (FRM) certification (GARP). It is the most widely recognized credential in risk management. FRMs are continually in demand by the world's largest companies and organizations. FRM certification indicates a high level of skill in identifying, assessing, and mitigating risk.

Classes available for all 2 Parts
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3 Months per Part

Weekdays - 3 Class Per Week


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10 Students

Note - Access to the course would be available until the next 
exam date.

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They made me realize my worth and cleared my confusions and they gave all the data required to take a decision on choosing the right course - iProledge Career Counselling is best.

Trishala Bangera 

PG Student - Mangalore

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Course Details

About FRM

  • FRM stands for Financial Risk Manager.

  • The Financial Risk Management (FRM) credential is conferred by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). It is the most well recognised risk management certification. The world's biggest corporations and institutions are always looking for FRMs. FRM certification demonstrates a high degree of expertise in recognising, evaluating, and reducing risk.

  • The FRM Program is a course offered by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP, USA). This course is meant to assist professionals better equip themselves to identify and manage company risks, paving the way for a career in risk management. The FRM Examinations are not subject to any basic requirements.

  • The FRM course allows students to develop a solid conceptual basis that will help them thrive in the field of finance and risk management.

  • Because of the fast changes in the finance sector throughout the world, there is a need for specialists who manage risk, money, and investments to gain globally standardized current knowledge, which FRM aims to provide.

Why Study FRM Exam ?

  • Earning your FRM certifies that your knowledge and skills are up to date and connects you to an elite network of risk experts employed by the world's most prestigious institutions.

  • FRM provides opportunities in risk management in banks, the Treasury Department and risk assessments.

  • A risk manager's job entails keeping an eye on the risks associated with investments, markets, and transactions. A risk manager who earns the FRM designation demonstrates that they have the knowledge and experience required to succeed in a financial risk management position.

  • Gaining recognition will assist you in landing jobs and increasing your value as a potential employee. Around the world, there are over 32,000 FRMs. It demonstrates your level of expertise and commitment to the industry.

  • Provides in-depth knowledge of relevant risk management domains such as market risk, credit risk, etc.

  • You will learn everything there is to know about financial products and how the financial market works.

  • Adding a Specialized Skillset to your CV can help you stand out.

  • Enhance your employability.

  • The FRM, as the industry's most prestigious accreditation, is a crucial indicator of applicants with shown competence and expertise. To obtain it, you must not only pass two difficult and arduous tests, but also work in the field for at least two years. You will demonstrate your ability to detect, analyse, and mitigate risk at a high level by earning your FRM, as well as your capacity to contribute value to your organisation.

FRM Exam Course details

The FRM test is a practice-oriented exam with two sections; questions are designed to connect theory to practical, real-world situations.​

FRM Exam Eligibility criteria

There are no prerequisites for taking the FRM Exams. The FRM Part 1 exam is also open to students in their first year of graduation. However, in order to get the FRM Certificate, some requirements must be met.

To be qualified for certification as a Financial Risk Manager, you must meet the following requirements:​​

Within four years of applying for the Part 1 exam, you must have completed Levels 1 and 2 of the FRM Program.

Within 5 years after passing the Part 2 exam, you must have at least 2 years of relevant job experience in risk profile.

FRM Exam Pattern & Passing Criteria
  • FRM exams (both parts) are held twice a year. Both portions of the exam can be taken on the same day. However, due to the vastness of the syllabus, it is not suggested. In essence, a candidate can pass both levels of the exam within 1 year. 

  • There are 2 FRM Parts: 


NOTE : No negative marking.

Part-1 :

No. of Questions : 100 MCQ'S

Duration : 4 hours (Morning Session)

Part-2 :

No. of Questions : 100 MCQ'S

Duration : 4 hours (Afternoon Session)​

FRM Exam Registration & Procedure


Select exam type i.e, Part I or Part II

Select Preferred exam centre from exam site option



Create GARP account by providing Email and Name

Select official study material form GARP



Enter billing address

Enter Payment details


NOTE: The first area is Exam Information, where you must choose the sort of exam you want to take. Choose the best choice for you. From the drop-down menu, choose FRM part 1 or both FRM parts 1 and 2.

FRM Exam Fees
Exam fees vary according to the level and as with many international program, fees vary depending on the deadline selected - Early, Standard, or Late. When you register for the Part I exam, you must pay a one-time enrollment fee of $400, which does not apply to the Part II exam.
FRM Exam Schedule
Every year, in the months of May and November, the FRM Part I and FRM Part II tests will be held.
As a result, in order to pass the exam, applicants must focus on the essential Part I tools and ideas.
Compare FRM vs CA vs MBA vs CIMA UK vs CPA Canada
FRM Salary in India
Candidates with a FRM Certificate can expect to earn INR 900,000 on average in India. In comparison to the compensation of a fresher, FRM professionals and experienced applicants can receive a higher salary. In addition, earnings may differ depending on the individual's skill set, diligence, and experience in the workplace.

FRM Charter salary is determined by work experience, job profile, and recruiter. In the United States, the average compensation for a FRM is $99,000.
FRM Job Roles & Responsibilities

A financial risk manager certification course is an advanced qualification that provides you with specialized knowledge and abilities in the field of financial risk management. Risk Management, Trading, Structuring, Modeling, and more fields are all available. 

Every industry today requires FRMs because they believe FRMs have broad knowledge and strong professional standards for risk, investment, and money management.

Banking, consultancy, traditional asset management and hedge funds, technology, insurance, and non-financial firms all hire Financial Risk Management Course graduates.

FRM certificate holders can work in a variety of firms and industries and they will be assigned to some of the most common job descriptions, which are given below:

Risk Quantification Manager

Enterprise Risk




Market risk specialists

Credit risk specialists

FRM Corporate Career & Big 4's

PWC  iProledge
KPMG - iProledge
Deloitte - iProledge
Godrej - iProledge
Genpact - iProledge
Larsen & Toubro - iProledge
Infosys - iProledge
Mphasis - iProledge
Northern Trust - iProledge
Morgan Stanley - iProledge
Ernst & Young - iProledge
Johnson and Johnson - iProledge
Siemens Gamesa - iProledge
Kotak Mahindra Bank - iProledge
oracle - iProledge
Standard Chartered Bank.png
Grant Thornton - iProledge
HCL - iProledge
Reliance Industries - iProledge
Philips - iProledge
Goldman Sachs - iProledge
Amazon - iProledge
HP - iProledge
J P Morgan - iProledge
Citibank - iProledge
TCS - iProledge
Wipro - iProledge

Frequently Asked Questions

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