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CMA USA Syllabus Updates for 2024

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Are you thinking about a career in accounting and earning the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designation? It is critical for success in the CMA USA program to stay current on the latest developments. Many prospective candidates are wondering, "Is the CMA USA syllabus changing in 2024?" In this comprehensive guide, we'll analyze at potential revisions, insights about the CMA's new 2024 syllabus, and where to get reliable study materials.

Before we dive into these suggested resources, let's look at the CMA USA exam syllabus and subject percentage breakdown:

Part 1: Financial Planning, Performance, and Analytics

  • External Financial Reporting Decisions: 15%

  • Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting: 20%

  • Performance Management: 20%

  • Cost Management: 15%

  • Internal Controls: 15%

  • Technology and Analytics: 15%

Title and Section Titles and Weightage remain unchanged in Part 1. However, several new topics have been introduced, including Consolidated Financial Statements, Other Costing Systems, Testing Methods for Internal Controls, Controls Deficiency Rectifications, and Data Management.

Conversely, certain topics, such as Process Costing, Theory of Constraints, and Activity-Based Management, have been removed from the curriculum.

Part 2: Strategic Financial Management

  • Financial Statement Analysis: 20%

  • Corporate Finance: 20%

  • Business Decision Analysis: 25%

  • Enterprise Risk Management: 10%

  • Capital Investment Decision: 10%

  • Professional Ethics: 15%

In Part 2, the titles and section titles, as well as their respective weightages, remain unchanged. However, sections C, D, and E have been given new names.

Additionally, the following topics have been added to the content: Financial Trends Analysis, Debt Financing, Discount Rates, Sensitivity Analysis, Types of Business Fraud, and Data Ethics.

Conversely, certain topics such as Market Efficiency, Moral Philosophies, SMA Value, and Ethics have been removed.

Anticipated Changes to the CMA Syllabus in 2024

The short answer is yes; changes to the CMA syllabus are likely in 2024. The governing body of the CMA certification, the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), analyzes and changes the syllabus on a regular basis to guarantee its relevance and consistency with industry demands. These changes, which take place every few years, maintain the certification current and reflective of best industry practices.

Key Points About the Expected Changes:

  1. CMA Learning Outcome Statements (LOS): A updated LOS will most likely be produced, describing the knowledge and skills required to acquire the CMA USA certification.

  2. Exam Content: Changes to the content covered in CMA USA exams are likely, which could include changes to topic weighting, the addition of new areas, or revisions to existing ones.

  3. Technology Integration: In order to reflect the role of technology in management accounting, the syllabus may include more information on data analytics, automation, and digital technologies.

  4. Ethical Considerations: The emphasis on ethical behavior and professional behavior may be increased, with a greater emphasis on ethics and governance-related themes.

Implications for Aspiring CMAs:

1. Increasing Demand for Financial Expertise:

Organizations continue to value management accounting and financial management expertise.

2. Emphasis on Technology and Data Analytics:

Acquiring new skills in data analytics and financial technology may be beneficial.

3. Globalization and Multinational Corporations:

Improving awareness of international accounting standards is essential in today's globalized world.

4. Evolving Regulatory Landscape:

It is critical for compliance to stay current on financial laws and reporting standards.

5. Remote Work and Flexibility:

Adapting to remote work environments and being technologically aware improves one's job possibilities.

Where to Find CMA USA New Syllabus Study Material:

1. Gleim CMA USA Review:

  • Long-standing Reputation: Gleim has a long record of offering study resources to CMA candidates. Because of its established reputation and significant experience in CMA exam preparation, many people trust it.

  • Affordability: Gleim is noted for offering low-cost study materials, making it accessible to a wide spectrum of candidates, even those on a limited budget.

  • Comprehensive Test Bank: The CMA Review System from Gleim offers a big exam bank with 4,500 multiple-choice questions. With this huge question collection, candidates will have numerous opportunity to practice and reinforce their knowledge.

  • Additional Study Resources: With full-length mock tests, study guides, audio lectures, videos, and digital flashcards, Gleim goes above and beyond the essentials. These supplementary resources provide applicants a variety of study aids to assist them in preparing for the exam.

2. Wiley CMA USA Review

  • Detailed and Comprehensive Study Material: The CMA Review System from Wiley is well-known for its extensive study material. As a result, it is a fantastic choice for applicants who prefer self-study and want to comprehend the CMA exam topics thoroughly.

  • Clear and Understandable Language: Wiley use simple, easy-to-understand language. This is especially useful for people who are new with finance and management ideas because it streamlines the learning process.

  • Questionnaires, Performance Tracker, and Study Planner: Wiley's study package comes with extras including quizzes, a performance tracker, and a study planner. These tools can help candidates evaluate their progress, identify areas for development, and efficiently plan their study schedule.

  • Wiley's Predictive Scoring Technique: Wiley's use of a predictive scoring technique may boost candidates' confidence in their preparation. It helps applicants assess their preparation and indicate areas where they may need more focus.

How iProledge Can Assist with CMA USA Syllabus 2024 Updates:

Keep up with iProledge! We recognize how important it is to stay up to date on changes to the CMA USA syllabus. Our objective is to deliver current and relevant material, ensuring you have the tools you need to succeed on your CMA USA journey.


1. Why is the CMA USA syllabus changing in 2024?

The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) updates the CMA syllabus on a regular basis to ensure that it remains relevant and aligned with industry demands. These modifications are intended to reflect evolving best practices and technical developments in management accounting.

2. How will the changes affect CMA USA candidates?

The changes may have an influence on CMA USA candidates by introducing new Learning Outcome Statements (LOS), potentially changing exam material, and emphasizing themes such as technology integration and ethical considerations. Aspiring CMAs should be aware of these changes in order to properly prepare for the examinations.

3. What skills should aspiring CMAs focus on in light of the anticipated changes?

As the syllabus is expected to include more technology, data analytics, and automation topics, prospective CMAs may benefit from gaining additional skills in these areas. Maintaining a strong foundation in ethical conduct and governance-related themes is also going to become more important.

4. How can study materials help candidates adapt to the new syllabus?

Gleim CMA USA Review and Wiley CMA USA excel study materials, for example, are designed to comply with the new syllabus. These resources encompass the whole CMA USA curriculum, as well as adaptive learning tools and practice examinations, to assist students efficiently prepare for the exams and succeed on their CMA USA journey.

5. Is iProledge a reliable source for staying updated on CMA USA syllabus changes?

Gleim CMA Review and Wiley CMA excel study materials, for example, are designed to comply with the new syllabus. These resources encompass the whole CMA USA curriculum, as well as adaptive learning tools and practice examinations, to assist students efficiently prepare for the exams and succeed on their CMA USA journey.

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