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Blue Jet Healthcare: What They Do and Why You Should Be Interested

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The pharmaceutical industry is buzzing with excitement as the Blue Jet Healthcare IPO, which offers a unique investment opportunity in a specialty pharmaceutical company, opens for subscription. In this blog, we'll look at what Blue Jet Healthcare does and why it's critical for investors to understand this IPO.

What is Blue Jet Healthcare?

Blue Jet Healthcare is a dynamic healthcare organization that offers a wide range of medical, wellness, and preventative care services. They are dedicated to making high-quality healthcare accessible, affordable, and convenient for all. But what separates them from other healthcare providers?


  • Executive Chairman: As Executive Chairman, Akshay Bansarilal Arora guides the organization's strategic vision and growth.

  • Company Secretary and Compliance Officer: Sweta Poddar is the Company Secretary and Compliance Officer at Blue Jet Healthcare, where she oversees legal and regulatory compliance.

Blue Jet Healthcare IPO Details

Blue Jet Healthcare's initial public offering (IPO) began on October 25 and will be available for three trading days until October 27, with a price band of Rs 329 to Rs 346 per share. This public offering consists solely of an offer for the sale of 2.43 crore shares.

Blue Jet Healthcare IPO Subscription Status

On the first day of the IPO, it received bids for 46,64,468 crore shares versus 1,69,99,612 shares on offer, resulting in a subscription rate of 27 times on Day 1.

Key Dates to Remember

  • Allotment Date: The Blue Jet Healthcare IPO share allotment is scheduled to be completed on November 1. Successful bidders can expect their shares to be credited to their demat accounts on November 3, with refunds beginning on November 1.

  • Listing Date: Blue Jet Healthcare's stock is expected to make its secondary market debut on November 6, where it will be traded on both the BSE and the NSE.

Book Running Lead Managers

The book running lead managers for this IPO are Kotak Mahindra Capital Company Limited, ICICI Securities Limited, and J.P. Morgan India Private Limited, with Link Intime India Private Ltd acting as the registrar.

Is Investing in Blue Jet Healthcare Worth It?

Rajan Shinde, Research Analyst at Mehta Equities, provides insightful commentary on the IPO. Blue Jet Healthcare, a specialty pharmaceutical company, has long-standing relationships with multinational clients and multi-year contracts, ensuring long-term supply agreements and managing warehousing and logistics.

Despite the fact that the issue is priced at the upper band of Rs 346 with a P/E ratio of 34x on a consolidated basis, Shinde believes that given the growth, it may be fully priced. Blue Jet's unique niche product segment and the lack of immediate competitors, on the other hand, may attract demand based on a first-mover advantage, potentially leading to significant listing gains. Despite the fact that the IPO is a 100% offer for sale (OFS), new investors are advised to subscribe to the Blue Jet IPO with a risk-adjusted expectation of decent listing gains.

What Does Blue Jet Healthcare Do?

Blue Jet Healthcare is a pharmaceutical and healthcare ingredient company that was founded in 1968. It was the first company in India to produce saccharin and its salts (artificial sweeteners), and it later expanded into contrast media intermediates used in CT scans and MRIs. The company primarily sells three types of products:

  1. Contrast Media Intermediates

  2. High-Intensity Sweeteners

  3. Pharma Intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Why You Should Be Interested in Blue Jet Healthcare :

  • Accessibility: Through their telehealth services, Blue Jet Healthcare ensures that quality care is available to all, whether you live in a city or in a remote area.

  • Affordability: They keep healthcare costs low and provide a variety of payment options, including insurance plans and self-pay, to ensure that healthcare is affordable.

  • Quality Care: Blue Jet Healthcare prioritizes high-quality care delivered by skilled professionals, with an emphasis on preventative measures.

  • Convenience: With virtual consultations and a user-friendly online platform that eliminates long wait times, you can enjoy hassle-free healthcare.

  • Comprehensive Care: Blue Jet Healthcare handles all aspects of your health, from primary care to specialized services and wellness programs.

The Blue Jet Healthcare IPO provides investors with a unique and innovative pharmaceutical company with a history of quality product offerings and promising growth potential in the pharmaceutical industry." Blue Jet Healthcare, as an innovative healthcare provider, combines accessibility, affordability, and quality care to meet the needs of a wide range of patients, distinguishing it as a compelling choice in the healthcare landscape, whether you need primary care, specialized treatment, or wellness support.

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