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ACCA Registration Process Guide 2024

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Are you interested in the earning ACCA certification and want to grasp the ACCA Registration Process Guide for 2024? The first step is to verify your eligibility for the designation. If you have passed your Class 12th in commerce with a minimum score of 50%, you are qualified to take a variety of professional courses in finance and accounting. To pursue the ACCA professional course, you must acquire at least a 65% aggregate in Accounting, Mathematics, and English.

If you meet the eligibility requirements, what happens next? The ACCA registration procedure, with its several steps, can appear difficult at first. However, by carefully following the instructions, you can get through the process. A more efficient option is to contact a professional coaching centre, which may provide full guidance during the registration procedure. iProledge, for example, will walk you through the registration process and provide training to help you succeed in the exams.

While having professional assistance with registration is always beneficial, it's a good idea to familiarise yourself with the procedure ahead. This post will provide a brief summary of the ACCA registration procedure and highlight the key ACCA dates for 2024.

ACCA Course Structure

Many candidates are overwhelmed by the ACCA course format. The curriculum is organised into three stages, each of which must be completed in sequence.

Knowledge Level

The first stage is called the Foundation Level, which provides candidates with fundamental knowledge in Accounting and Finance. This level includes three subjects:

  • Business and Technology (BT)

  • Management Accounting (MA)

  • Financial Accounting (FA)

Skill Level

The next stage is the Skills Level. As the name suggests, this stage builds on the Foundation Level knowledge and helps candidates develop diverse skills. The subjects in this stage are:

  • Corporate and Business Law (LW)

  • Performance Management (PM)

  • Taxation (TX)

  • Financial Reporting (FR)

  • Audit and Assurance (AA)

  • Financial Management (FM)

Professional Level

The final stage is the Strategic Professional Level, which is the most crucial. This stage not only hones accounting skills but also develops essential professional skills like leadership and management, which are vital for the corporate world.

This level is divided into two categories of subjects: compulsory and optional.

Compulsory Subjects

The compulsory subjects of Stage 3, also known as the Essential subjects due to their importance, are:

  • Strategic Business Leader (SBL)

  • Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)

Optional Subjects

The ACCA Stage 3 offers a range of optional subjects, from which candidates can choose any two to specialize in:

  • Advanced Financial Management (AFM)

  • Advanced Performance Management (APM)

  • Advanced Taxation (ATX)

  • Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)

ACCA Fees and Charges

The ACCA curriculum fees may seem confusing due to the various components involved. However, these elements are designed for the benefit of ACCA candidates. Let's break down the different elements of the ACCA fees and charges.

Initial Registration Fee: The initial registration fee is a one-time payment of Rs. 7625/- required to register with ACCA and begin your journey.

Annual Subscription Fee: To access information, support, and other resources throughout your ACCA journey, you must pay an annual subscription fee of Rs. 10,000. This subscription must be renewed each year without fail to maintain your ACCA registration. Failure to renew on time may result in the termination of your ACCA registration.

Knowledge Level Exam Fee: For each stage you complete and each exam you take, there is a registration fee. For the Knowledge Level exams (Stage 1), the fee is Rs. 8243/- per exam.

Skills Level Exam Fee: After completing the first stage, you will need to pay an exam registration fee of Rs. 10,734/- for the Skills Level exams.

Professional Level Exam Fee: The fees for the final stage, the Professional Level exams, are the highest and vary depending on the optional subjects chosen. On average, the fee for this level is around Rs. 13,054/- per exam.

Exemptions Fee: ACCA offers exam exemptions based on candidates' educational qualifications. While many exemptions are free, some require a fee. Candidates may need to pay an average of Rs. 10,000/- per subject for certain exemptions.

Applying Online for ACCA

Applying for ACCA registration is primarily conducted online, offering students around the world a convenient and accessible option.

How to Book Your Exam?

ACCA provides applicants with exceptional flexibility regarding examinations. You can book your exams in various ways to suit your convenience and comfort.

On-Demand Exams

To take examinations at your preferred time, you must sign up for On-Demand exams. Contact ACCA partners to help you schedule the exam based on availability in your area.

Session Exams

ACCA exams are typically held in four sessions each year: March, June, September, and December. If you have no outstanding fees and have cleared the previous stage, you can book your session exam through the ACCA portal or with the assistance of an ACCA partner.

Remote or Centre Exam

In addition to exam dates, ACCA also provides flexibility in choosing the exam mode. This means you can decide whether to take the exam at a test center or remotely. ACCA's tools are helpful in guiding you to choose the correct exam format.

Session Exam Fees and Booking Deadlines

The ACCA course has three different booking deadlines, which determine the session exam fees. Booking early offers the lowest exam fee, while standard booking incurs a higher fee but less than late booking. Late booking deadlines require candidates to book their exam slots at the highest fee amount. It's advisable to book exams early to benefit from the lowest fee amount.

View, Cancel, and Amend Session Exam Booking

If you feel you rushed your exam bookings and need to make changes or cancel them, ACCA allows this. However, you must make the necessary changes before the Standard Booking deadline closes to receive a refund of your exam booking fee.

ACCA Exam Date & Registration Process

Now that you are familiar with the registration fees, methods, and other details, it's time to begin the process. If you're ready to take the ACCA exam in 2024, continue reading to learn about the exam dates and registration deadlines.

ACCA Exam Dates 2024

As mentioned earlier, ACCA exams are held in four sessions: March, June, September, and December. Here are the exam dates for 2024 for each session:

  • March 2024: 4th March 2024 – 8th March 2024

  • June 2024: 3rd June 2024 – 7th June 2024

  • September 2024: 2nd September 2024 – 6th September 2024

  • December 2024: 2nd December 2024 – 6th December 2024

The results for each session will be declared on the following dates:

  • March 2024: 15th April 2024

  • June 2024: 15th July 2024

  • September 2024: 14th October 2024

  • December 2024: 15th January 2025

ACCA Registration Dates 2024

ACCA registration dates can be confusing for candidates. It's important to understand the various booking deadlines set by ACCA to minimize exam booking fees. Here are the exam session-wise booking deadlines:

  • March 2024: Early deadline is 2nd November 2023, standard deadline is 29th January 2024, and late deadline is 5th February 2024.

  • June 2024: Early deadline is 8th February 2024, standard deadline is 29th April 2024, and late deadline is 6th May 2024.

  • September 2024: Early deadline is 7th May 2024, standard deadline is 29th July 2024, and late deadline is 5th August 2024.

  • December 2024: Early deadline is 8th August 2024, standard deadline is 1st November 2024, and late deadline is 6th November 2024.

Documents Required for ACCA Registration

When registering for ACCA, you must upload certain required documents to complete the process. Here is a list of mandatory documents for ACCA registration:

  • Identity proof such as Passport, birth certificate, and driver’s license.

  • Educational mark sheet to prove your eligibility for ACCA.

  • Passport size photograph.

While ACCA registration is straightforward through its portal, it's advisable to seek guidance from ACCA partners for assistance with registration and exam preparation.


What are the eligibility criteria for ACCA?

To be eligible for ACCA, you need to have passed Class 12th in commerce with a minimum score of 50%. Additionally, you must achieve at least 65% in aggregate for Accounting, Mathematics, and English.

How do I register for ACCA exams?

What are the different exam sessions for ACCA?

Can I choose the mode of exam for ACCA?

What documents are required for ACCA registration?

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