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CPA Australia course in India

Registration Opened!

Registration Opened!

CPA Australia Masters

CPA Australia

CPA Australia stands for Certified Public Accountants of Australia, in which the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) provides this certification. The CPA Program is internationally recognised, guaranteeing that graduates are well-equipped to address and resolve any accounting, financial, or business problem that may arise in today's global economy.

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3 Months per Subject

Weekdays - 3 Class Per Week


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10 Students

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They made me realize my worth and cleared my confusions and they gave all the data required to take a decision on choosing the right course - iProledge Career Counselling is best.

Trishala Bangera 

PG Student - Mangalore

Learning CPA Australia @iProledge

Course Details

About CPA Australia

CPA Australia stands for Certified Public Accountants of Australia, in which the Australian Securities and Investment Commission(ASIC) provides this certification.


The CPA Program is globally approved, ensuring that one would be well-qualified to handle and solve any accounting, finance, or business situation that appears in today's global marketplace. 


It is a highly qualified certificate, and accomplishing it requires the candidate to achieve all of the established institutional and practical requirements. 


The CPA program is essentially divided into semesters every year; there are two semesters (maximum of 3 CPA subjects per semester).

Why Study CPA Australia ?

  • A CPA license will demonstrate to the corporate clients that you have the necessary education and experience for the job.

  • CPA members receive exclusive financial and banking benefits, such as low-interest rates on loans, no fees on transfers, and American Express credit cards.

  • Any accounting or finance position, regardless of industry or company, will benefit from a CPA license.

  • CPA's obtain a higher salary. They can expect to earn on average $1 million more than their non-CPA counterparts throughout their careers, depending on experience level and industry. Having a CPA license also gives you access to more advantages, whether it's better benefits for higher-ranking employment or more negotiation leverage.

  • Credentialing is required for many higher-level accounting and finance positions. You'll need your CPA license to work as a management or partner in a public accounting company. If you want to work in the industry's C-Suite, a CPA credential will undoubtedly help you prove your ability to function at the highest levels.

  • Opportunities all over the world.

  • You can learn a wide range of skills and knowledge. 

CPA Australia Syllabus/Curriculum

CPA Australia Foundation Exams 

CPA Australia Program

*Advanced Taxation and/or Advanced Audit and Assurance papers must be chosen as electives by candidates who have not completed any prior recognized studies in taxation and/or auditing.

NOTE : The CPA program is divided into semesters. Every year, there are two semesters with a maximum of 3 CPA subjects per semester.

CPA Australia Exam Eligibility Criteria

Members of CPA Australia who wish to join CPABC via the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) must satisfy certain.

Hold a CPA Australia and CPABC-approved accounting degree and have completed the CPA program and required practical experience.

The majority of CPA applicants followed the traditional route of completing an approved accounting or management degree. Candidates with various educational backgrounds are also eligible to apply for the CPA Program, but they may be required to complete the Foundation Program first.

Suppose applicants with non-accounting degrees must complete an accounting course and is certified by CPA Australia. Also, CPA Professional Education Program with relevant practical experience.

If candidates with no degree but have 15 years of experience at the senior level ( CEO, CFO, President, vice-president, Academic/Teacher etc.) are allowed to apply for this certification.

CPA Australia Exam Pattern & Passing Criteria

To get this certification, candidates need to appear for six papers(4 Main subjects + 2 Elective subjects). 

The pass mark for the CPA Program exams is a scaled score of 540. As CPA Australia create multiple versions for their exams each semester, they use scaled scoring that equates exam results across different exam versions. Scoring scale is between 100 and 900

NOTE: CPA Australia make it very clear that a scaled score of 540 is not 67.5%. (This would be very bad mathematics – because the scale is between 100 and 900 not 0 and 900)


Fill out a membership application. After providing your personal information and accompanying papers, you'll be required to pay the application fee

You must first log in or create an account with CPA Australia.



All membership applicants must pay an application fee. Annual membership fees apply to people who may be qualified to join CPA as an Associate member. You won't be able to finish your application unless these fees are paid and your supporting documents are submitted.

NOTE 1: Your application is saved in real-time as you work. If you are unable to complete your application on the first attempt, you may exit partway through the process and your application will be stored automatically. Log in and select "Continue Application" to return to it.

NOTE 2: Membership payments and applications are non-refundable; please be careful when filling out your application and double-check the correctness of the information you've supplied. Fees for subject enrolment are due at the time of registration.

CPA Australia Fees in India

Foundation Exam Fees

Membership Fees

Examination Fees

Note : Subject enrolment fee includes examination fee & cost of study materials for the particular subject

CPA Australia Exam Schedule 

The foundation exams have flexible enrolment dates, so you can enroll at any time and sit your exam whenever you like. You must, however, self-schedule and take your exam within 12 months of enrolling (365 days). Your exam deadline will be two days before your enrolment anniversary if you enroll during a leap year.

CPA Australia Exam Centres in India

  • Bangalore

  • Ahmedabad

  • Calcutta

  • Chennai

  • Hyderabad

  • Mumbai

  • New Delhi

  • Trivandrum

Compare CPA Australia  vs Indian CMA vs CPA USA vs CA vs ACCA

CPA Australia Salary in India

A person with a Bachelor's Degree earns 84,600 AUD a year, which is 32% more than someone with a Certificate or Diploma. A Master's Degree earns its recipient an average annual salary of 116,000 AUD, which is 37% higher than a Bachelor's Degree.

CPA Australia Job Roles & Responsibilities

Financial Managers 

Administrative Assistant

Financial Accounting & Reporting


Management Accounting & Budgeting

Business Services



customer service

Financial controller

Information Technology


CPA Australia Corporate career and BIG 4's

PWC  iProledge
KPMG - iProledge
Deloitte - iProledge
Godrej - iProledge
Genpact - iProledge
Larsen & Toubro - iProledge
Infosys - iProledge
Mphasis - iProledge
Northern Trust - iProledge
Morgan Stanley - iProledge
Ernst & Young - iProledge
Johnson and Johnson - iProledge
Siemens Gamesa - iProledge
Kotak Mahindra Bank - iProledge
oracle - iProledge
Standard Chartered Bank.png
Grant Thornton - iProledge
HCL - iProledge
Reliance Industries - iProledge
Philips - iProledge
Goldman Sachs - iProledge
Amazon - iProledge
HP - iProledge
J P Morgan - iProledge
Citibank - iProledge
TCS - iProledge
Wipro - iProledge
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Career Guidance

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Hand Made Study Notes

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Corporate grooming sessions

Placement Assistance

Question Bank

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Personlised Study


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Participate in Webinars and Meetups

Personal Mentorship

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Physical and Mental Health Support 

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24/7 support

Frequently Asked Questions

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