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What is CFA? Full Form & Course Details

CFA course


At iProledge, the premier coaching class for CFA in India, we delve into the world of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) program. Discover the CFA full form, delve into what CFA is all about, explore the CFA course details, and understand why iProledge is your ultimate destination for mastering this prestigious qualification.

CFA Full Form:

CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst. It is a globally recognized professional certificate that indicates investment management and financial analysis skills.

What is CFA?

CFA is a designation that demonstrates a high level of competence and commitment in the field of finance. It is well-known for its focus on asset management, financial analysis, ethics, and professional standards. Professionals who hold a CFA charter have the abilities needed for success in areas such as portfolio management, research analysis, investment advising, and more.

CFA Course Details:

The CFA program is divided into three levels, each of which delves deeper into a particular topic of finance and investment:

  1. CFA Level I: This level provides basic investing instruments, ethics, and professional standards. It addresses issues such as ethics and quantitative methods.

  2. CFA Level II: At this stage, you'll learn about asset valuation methods such as equity investments, fixed income securities, derivatives, and alternative investments.

  3. CFA Level III: The final level focuses on wealth planning and portfolio management, including subjects such as portfolio management and behavioral finance.

Why Choose iProledge for CFA:

iProledge is India's leading CFA coaching class, offering full assistance and advice to help you succeed in your CFA journey. Our experienced faculty members, well-structured curriculum, and engaging learning method ensure that you are well-prepared for all levels of the CFA. iProledge puts you on the path to CFA achievement by focusing on exam-oriented preparation, sample examinations, and customized coaching.


The CFA program is your gateway to becoming a proficient investment management professional. At iProledge, we're committed to guiding you through the intricacies of the CFA course, helping you achieve your career aspirations in the world of finance. Discover the CFA full form, understand the essence of the program, explore the course details, and trust iProledge to be your partner in mastering the art of investment analysis.

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