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ACCA FAQs: Your Guide to Common Questions About Studying ACCA

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Are you thinking about a career in finance and accounting with the ACCA as your preferred qualification? To assist you get started on your ACCA adventure, we've developed a collection of frequently asked questions from potential members. We're here to help you through the process at iProledge, your access to the Best ACCA coaching in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Getting Started Questions

1. How do I know which level of the qualification I can start at?

ACCA is open access, which means that anyone can join. Your previous qualifications may allow you to begin the qualification earlier, receiving exemptions from specific exams.

2. What are exemptions?

Exemptions allow you to begin your studies at a level consistent with your existing learning, allowing you to become an ACCA member faster.

3. How do I find out if I qualify for exemptions before I register as a student?

For an initial assessment, you can use our exemptions calculator, or you can submit your educational documentation for a more accurate examination.

4. Do I need to provide translations of my educational documents during registration?

Yes, both the original documents and English translations, done and stamped by a professional translator, are required.

5. Is there a minimum age to start the ACCA journey?

The minimum age to join ACCA is 13 years age. Certain age groups may require parental consent.

6. Do I need to pay all fees at the time of registration?

The registration money is due at the time of registration. If appropriate, exemption fees will be billed later. Annual subscription costs are payable each January 1st.

7. What fees are payable as an ACCA student?

Students must pay annual subscription costs, exam fees (which vary by level), and prospective tuition fees from recognized learning providers.

8. I'm a CPA Member and interested in getting ACCA Qualified, where do I start?

To make your journey easier, ACCA has developed member recognition agreements with global accounting groups.

The ACCA Qualification

1. How long do you have to complete the ACCA qualification once signing up?

The Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills examinations have no time limit, but the Strategic Professional exams, which must be completed within seven years, do.

2. Is there a specific order to take ACCA exams in?

ACCA exam must be completed in a specific order, with the option of selecting the first exam in each section.

3. Where do I find resources for past papers and exam questions?

In the study assistance materials section of our website, you can get free study resources such as past papers.

4. How many exams can I take at a time?

Depending on your study plan, you can register for up to four exams every session and up to eight unique exams per calendar year.

5. With the current COVID situation, can you sit exams at home?

In the event that center-based sittings are disrupted, ACCA has created options for taking exams at home or in alternate locations.

6. Has Covid-19 affected the way people study? Is everything now online?

Access to various study options may vary depending on your location, but many recognized learning partners offer online tuition.

7. Where do I find information on the subjects I'll study?

Exam assistance provides information on the syllabus for each exam, which is personalized to your selected qualification.

8. For strategic professional level, is it better to do one exam per sitting or two?

While it is feasible to take many exam in one session, the decision is dependent on your available study time and commitments.

9. What is CPD?

CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and refers to a variety of learning activities designed to improve professional competencies.

10. How can I become an FCCA member?

After five years of being an ACCA member and completing your CPD, you will be automatically conferred the coveted title of Fellow (FCCA).

Your path to becoming an ACCA professional is aided by the best coaching in Bangalore, Karnataka at iProledge. We'll be there for you every step of the journey.

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