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A. Copyright

The copyright in the User Content on Iproledge Platform are owned by educators, where Iproledge is a limited license holder to publish the same on Iproledge Platform. The User Content is subject to the various Terms and Conditions and other policies (together “Terms”) as provided on the Iproledge Platform, kindly ensure that you use the User Content only within the parameters as provided in the Terms. You are prohibited from using the User Content as your own without the prior permission of the content creator and Iproledge.

Iproledge Content on the Iproledge Platform including but not limited to, images, graphics, process, images, software, graphics, are owned by or licensed to Iproledge and subject to Copyright and you are prohibited from using the same as your own, without the prior permission of Iproledge. For clarity, Iproledge Content does not include User Content.

If you believe that any Educator/User has used copyright-protected work in the User Content posted on the Iproledge Platform, an option to report the User Content is provided and you can report the same by using the report button or if you believe your or someone else’s copyrights are being infringed upon through the Iproledge Platform, then let us know by writing to us at

Please note that by claiming copyright infringement you are initiating a legal process, kindly be sure to consider whether fair use, fair dealing, or a similar exception to copyright apply before you report.


Legal Notices

B. Trademark

The trademarks, service marks, logos displayed on the Iproledge Platform are owned by Iproledge (“Iproledge Marks”). If you haven’t received our permission, do not use the Iproledge Marks as your own or in any manner that implies sponsorship or endorsement or any relation to Iproledge.

A product or service branded with the Iproledge name or logo is a reflection of Iproledge. Unless you are one of our licensees, we don’t allow others to make, sell, or give away anything with our name or logo on it.


C. Other legal notices

In the event of any other disputes or claims arising from the use of the Iproledge Platform, please get in touch with us at

other legal notice
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