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Inspired Talks with Iproledge

Finance, Productivity

Date : 2nd- Sep - 2023
Time : 6:00 PM
Speaker Lineup : Naveen J (Founder and CEO of iProledge)

Webinar on CMA USA

About the event

From Aspiration to Achievement : Explore the path of CMA USA


40 mins


Business Presentation


iProledgian meetup happens every week. We all join to catch up on every latest happening, such as the economy, business, and more! The meetups are super easy-going and fun.


You are even allowed to make a joke or two (until and unless they are healthy).

Date : 2nd- Sep - 2023
Time : 6:00 PM
Virtual channel / avenue

Webinar on CMA USA.jpeg


40 mins


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Onboarding process of the mentor ?
    Contact Us via LinkedIn to join the Mentors' Community at iProledge
  • 2. Who’s a Mentor @ iProledge?
    Mentor is a Guide for students, who will help the students to excel in their career by sharing their knowledge and experience with them.
  • 3. What are the responsibilities of a mentor?
    Attend Call With Students and provide them the right guidance. Calls will be scheduled by students and meeting link will be genrated ,according to Mentor's convinience and availablity
  • 4. What are the authorities of a mentor?
    Mentor must be Competent, Maintain Integrity about Information provided, and keep the information shared by students Confidential. Mentor should guide the students in the right way and help them make decisions related to career. Mentor should not force students to follow a particular career path and the say of the mentor is not the final decision that a student must oblige
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