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Get coached under the right guidance with individualized attention!

iProledge is the Best coaching institute in Bangalore for CA, CS, CMA,CPA courses and more, assisting as your ultimate path to success in the field of professional education. 

iProledge provided the best guidance to clear my exam in the 1st attempt. 
- Trishala Bangera

Online learning

Mental health is very important while preparing for exams. I got good support from iProledge to tackle my anxiety and fear of exam. 
- Steve Solomon

Mock Tests provided by iProledge helped me to prepare for the exam. Also they provided me review on how and where to improve.

Why iProledge for your
power-packed preparation?

Strategic Study Planner

At iProledge you will be provided a strategic study planner — your every day's every step will be planned to prepare you in a super organized manner.

Industry Professionals

iProledge is born out of sheer passion, and the industry professionals who are part of it are primarily part of it for the very reason — they have a strong passion to teach! 

Individualized Attention

Every aspirant has their own pace and style of learning, and hence we make sure to give attention individually — 24/7 mentor support, fortnight calls to assess your progress, and much more!

Interactive Live Sessions

We encourage and emphasize active participation in our live sessions because to ensure effective learning, active participation of the learners is necessary. 

Essential Resources

Get access to essential resources — unparalleled study materials, unlimited mock tests with the review, recordings of the class, resume-building tools and much more!

Bundle Of Perks

Our aspirants get multiple perks, such as exam registration support, placement assistance, Linkedin profile optimization. Moreover, we also regularly host career grooming workshops and webinars.

Positive & Supportive Environment

An environment where our aspirants feel comfortable to reach out when in need and most importantly feel encouraged!

Our Courses

Checkout all the 13 professional courses we offer.


CMA USA logo
Prepare in a well-planned way with iProledge's CMA USA course, one of the promising CMA USA  online classes in India, and solidify your chances of cracking it at the first attempt.


CFA institute logo
Do strategic preparation with iProledge's CFA online coaching, an exceptional online CFA coaching in India-prepare strategically, show diligence, and outperform yourself!


Certified Internal Auditor course in India
Increase your probability of cracking the CIA exam in one go with iProledge's CIA online coaching, a promising Certified Internal Auditor course in India.


Do brilliant preparation with iProledge's ACCA course, one of the best online ACCA classes-gain brilliance and sit for your exam with absolute confidence!

1:1 Free Consultation Call

Need help to decide which professional course should you go for?

From online Certified Internal Auditor course in India to online CFA courses in India - we offer 13 international professional online courses.

Confused much about which course should you go for?

Fret not. We have got your back!

We understand how important it is to choose the course which is just perfect for you. And we go about it extensively because this is one of the crucial decisions which can't be made casually!

So, whether you need help to decide which course to go for or simply want to know more about International Professional courses-just book our 1:1 free consultation today itself and make a well-informed decision. 

Book a 1:1 free consultation call now!

Free Consultation Call

Know More About Your Teachers

Know More About Your Teachers

You will be taught by the industry professionals who are not 
only highly skilled but also highly passionate. 

Who will help you to discover your untapped potential, help you challenge every hurdle boldly and prepare you for your dream exam by all means.

You will also get an option to switch — if ever you feel like switching to another teacher for any specific reasons you can do that, too.

Know More About Your Mentors

At iProledge, you will get to seek guidance from the people 
who have walked the path. 

You can seek guidance from the people who have been through the same challenges as yours and are now successful in their respective fields. You can reach out to them via our Telegram group and ask your doubts or share about your challenges with them and seek their guidance on the same. 

 Know More About Your Mentors

iProledge Events 

Online calendar

iProledge's "Inspired Talk with iProledge" is an Interview with various Industry Experts and Successful professionals sharing their journey and experiences that shaped their success today.
iProledgian meetup happens every week. We all join to catch up on every latest happening, such as the economy, business, and more! The meetups are super easy-going and fun.

You are even allowed to make a joke or two (until and unless they are healthy).

About Us

cma usa online classes in india

iProledge, a PaaS-based Ed-tech start-up, has been founded with the aim to make every effort to ensure that you crack your desired International Professional exam with attainable ease! 

At iProledge you get prepared by passionate industry professionals with individualized attention along with access to exclusive resources under a positive and encouraging environment. 

Join Our Community

Join our Telegram group where you can directly interact with other iProledgians. Ask doubts, discuss topics, basically learn together and reach your goals with the power of togetherness!

Find your study buddies and get all the educational as well as moral support.

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