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Pass your CMA Exams in 20 Weeks!

Get the best coaching for CMA USA in India. theCMAguy by iProledge is the only platform that provides you every support required to pass CMA USA Online  Classes in India.


We assure you that Learning at iProledge is going to be one of the best experiences in your life.

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Pass your CMA USA Exam in 100 days 
If you don't crack the exam,
100% cashback on your course fee 


Why iProledge is the best choice for your CMA USA coaching?

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Fortnight Calls to provide you Support

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Get Relevant Job opportunities 

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Unlimited Mock Tests with Reviews

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Access to Study Material and Formula Sheet 

Hand Made Notes For Revision


24/7 Support

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Guaranteed Pass


Membership and Examination Registration Support

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Personal Mentorship and Career Grooming Session


Weekly Tests and Mock-Up Exams


What Our Students Say

Trishala Bangera

“They gave me all the support, cleared my doubts and they also provided mental support during the time of preparation - CMA USA at iProledge is the best.” 

~ Trishala Bangera

Steve Solomon

“iProledge guided me on exam preparation, strategies on how to attempt a paper and also supported me mentally to overcome the stress due to exam. They supported me until the last minute of Exam.” 

~ Steve Solomon

Take a Peek Into Your Future 

Peek into your future

Course Overview 

The CMA USA Certification is divided into two parts and consists of a single level of examination. Candidates are free to attempt any part in whatever sequence they see fit. The CMA USA syllabus is as follows:


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Course Overview
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