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The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) is the world's biggest management accounting professional organisation. Management accountants examine financial data from a management standpoint in order to improve corporate performance (as opposed to a compliance perspective, such as in audits). In that sense, it is a business management role.

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They made me realize my worth and cleared my confusions and they gave all the data required to take a decision on choosing the right course - iProledge Career Counselling is best.

Trishala Bangera 

PG Student - Mangalore

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Course Details

About CIMA

CIMA stands for Chartered Institute of Management Accountant.

CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) is a globally recognised degree for jobs in business and finance. The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) is the world's largest professional organization of management accountants. To improve business performance, management accountants analyze financial data from a management perspective (as opposed to a compliance perspective, such as in audits). It is a business management function in that sense.

CIMA and CPA have merged to form the CGMA qualification.

The designation of CGMA (Chartered Global Management Accountant) will be offered to applicants who possess this professional degree, acknowledging the significance of the accountant.

Why Study CIMA ?

  • This CIMA certification is the most prestigious worldwide technical portfolio development program for management professionals.

  • The benefit of investigating career or business prospects

  • CIMA allows students to study at their own speed and manage their work and studies for maximum learning.

  • The CIMA qualification will open up a wider with businesses all across the world.

  • You can learn a wide range of skills and knowledge.

  • You can start your own business, finance.

CIMA Exam Courses Details

CIMA Exam Eligibility Criteria in India – To earn CIMA Credentials

Bachelor's degree and two years of managerial accounting experience

Applicants who have completed their 12th also can apply with skills of management , finance, mathematics, English.

CIMA Exam Pattern & Passing Criteria

Three objective tests represent the three pillars in each of the three levels. In addition, each level has one integrated case study.

(3 objective tests + 1 integrated case study) x 3 levels = 12 tests / papers CIMA Levels Structure

1. Operational Level 

NOTE: Once you complete this level, you obtain the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting.

2. Management Level 

NOTE: Once you complete this level, you obtain the CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting.

3. Strategic Level 

NOTE: Upon completion of the Strategic level, candidates will be eligible to submit their practical experience for assessment.

CIMA Masters Gateway Exam :
For those with a Master’s degree in accounting or an MBA, you can choose the accelerated path by taking the CIMA Masters Gateway exam. If passed, you can skip the first two levels and go straight to the Strategic level.

The CIMA Masters Gateway Exam has the lowest pass rate among all CIMA tests. One must put in the effort in order to take advantage of this fast track.


CIMA Exam Format :

Objective Tests


Case Study Exam

The candidates can take the Objective Test in each level in any order, but they have to pass all 3 before taking the Case Study exam in that level.

The Objective Tests have a distinct syllabus based on the level and learning pillar. Each test is 90 minutes long and comprises multiple choice questions. A scaled score of between 0 and 150 (a mark of 100 or above is a pass)

In contrast to the Objective Tests, the Case Study exams combine the knowledge and learning across the 3 learning pillars, and are set within a simulated business context related to 1-2 fictional organizations (but based on real business scenarios).

Each case study exam is 3 hours long. Candidates are required to provide short answers and essays.

CIMA Exam Registration Procedure


Apply to become a CIMA student

This is a simple procedure that must be completed before proceeding to the next phase. To log into your MyCIMA account, you will be given a Contact ID when you register. This is a system that keeps track of your CIMA profile and progress.

Earn a certificate in business accounting or equivalent qualification


The Certificate in Business Accounting (Cert BA) issued by the CIMA is the default CIMA admission requirement. This program is for students who do not have a background in accounting or finance but want to change or establish a business or finance-related job.


Enroll in a Professional Qualifications Program (PQP)

You are eligible to take the CIMA test if you have passed the Cert BA examinations or obtained all of the applicable exemptions. Starting from this phase, most candidates will need 3-4 years to complete the CIMA journey, plus time to get relevant experience. You can study for the exam while gaining experience.

Fees of CIMA Exam in India
Calculate the cost of studying CIMA, taking into account your registration, annual subscription, and exam fees, as well as any expenditures related to your preferred learning style. A one-time registration cost is charged to new students, which includes their first year's subscription fee.

NOTE : Exam fees may vary according to their country.

CIMA Exam Schedule 

CIMA exam held 4 times in a year :





Compare CIMA vs Indian CMA vs US CPA vs MBA vs CA 

CIMA Salary in India

In India, qualified CIMA members earn an average of Rs.26.33 lakhs per year in base yearly income plus Rs.3.69 lakhs in incentive payments, for a total of Rs.30.02 lakhs per year. In India, part-qualified students receive an average of Rs.9.79 lakhs in annual salary plus Rs.1.07 lakhs in incentive payments, for a total of Rs.10.86 lakhs.

According to our research, students working in some of India's largest cities, such as Bangalore, Chennai, and Mumbai, earn 9%, 9%, and 13% respectively more in total compensation than the national average for CIMA students. Delhi's average total wage is comparable to that of India.

CIMA Job Roles & Responsibilities
Looking for careers in financial management, such as financial manager or financial controller, is another option. These positions may pave the way for you to become a finance director or CFO in the future. CIMA accounting jobs: you can work your way to the top of the corporate ladder.

In order to be aware of job roles of CIMA few are mentioned below :

Chief Executive 

Financial analyst

Marketing analyst



Treasury Management

Executive Officer/Section officer

Corporate Financial Analyst

Corporate Finance

Financial Reporting

Business Analysis


CIMA UK Corporate career and BIG 4's

PWC  iProledge
KPMG - iProledge
Deloitte - iProledge
Godrej - iProledge
Genpact - iProledge
Larsen & Toubro - iProledge
Infosys - iProledge
Mphasis - iProledge
Northern Trust - iProledge
Morgan Stanley - iProledge
Ernst & Young - iProledge
Johnson and Johnson - iProledge
Siemens Gamesa - iProledge
Kotak Mahindra Bank - iProledge
oracle - iProledge
Standard Chartered Bank.png
Grant Thornton - iProledge
HCL - iProledge
Reliance Industries - iProledge
Philips - iProledge
Goldman Sachs - iProledge
Amazon - iProledge
HP - iProledge
J P Morgan - iProledge
Citibank - iProledge
TCS - iProledge
Wipro - iProledge

Frequently Asked Questions

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