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Set your Career Right 
with iProledge! 

iProledge is undoubtedly the best career counseling and guidance path in India. Take your first steps towards your dreams with us.

Career progress

I was keen to pursue an international professional course. So, I opted for a counseling session with Jey sir at iProledge.
It was very fruitful and it clearly assessed my aptitude and my knowledge. All in all, it was an informative experience.

- Vidhi 

Why Career Counselling at iProledge?

  • Explore Career options present in the potential field of interest and we assist you in understanding how to pursue them.

  • We provide career counseling to both students and working professionals.​

  • All the career counselors are not only to accommodate career guidance but also to provide a detailed execution plan. 

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Why Career Counselling at iProledge?

Career counseling procedure

Career counseling procedure

Step 1

Book a Call with us and understand the process

Step 3

We will take 3 days to assess the questionnaire and our counsellors would schedule a meeting with you.

Step 5

If you have any doubts or queries after receiving the report card, you can schedule another call with our professionals.

Choose your own educator

Step 2

Fill up a questionnaire for us to understand your personal traits and attributes

Step 4

After the meeting, we would provide you a detailed report card about the results of the questionnaire and our analysis about it.

Step 6

You are free to choose your educator from iProledge, you will get a special discount coupon which you can redeem once you decide to register with us. 

Looking for a personalized
mentorship ?

Choosing the right path for your career can be a hardship today because of the options and the lack of quality information. Have an insightful session with our Mentors who are Industry Experts and Experienced Working Professionals. Stop browsing nd spending time on research about Career path and the easiest way to learn more about your career options.

Mentors will guide you and help you the best career options for you with their experiences in their journey to become a professional. 

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What our students say about us

What our students say about us
Trishala Bangera
Trishala Bangera

They made me realize my worth and cleared my confusions and they gave all the data required to take a decision on choosing the right course - iProledge Career Counselling is best.

Trishala Bangera 

PG Student - Mangalore

Ready for the session
with our professionals?

Get your free 15 minutes consultation about which course is right for you and what you can pursue to have your dream job.

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